My working material, paper – mainly from old books – is fragile and perishable. I tear, cut and shred the pages and merge them together again using papier-mâché technique. The book is recreated in a way, but takes on a new form. The two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional. The process is slow and meditative.

Text and symbols are sometimes used, deliberately or randomly. The tactile experience is determined by the quality of the paper. Discoloration, spots and holes after binding, all contribute to the special character of the material. I feel humbled by the traces of previous owners; dedications, scribbles in the margins, all signs of the passage of time.

When working, my thoughts revolve around notions such as time, memory, transience, traces, resistance, adaptability. Nature is a great source of inspiration. Recycling and environmental aspects are important factors.

Experiments with three-dimensional paper objects started in 2009. Formerly a graphic designer and bookbinder, I now work fulltime as an independant artist. I participate in solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, work with public art assignments and hold workshops. My work can be found in Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm.